Jenna Bush asked Pharrell Williams about his movie 'Hidden Fences' and he wasn't happy


Pharrell Williams should be smiling, but one question made him throw some side eye, instead. 

On Sunday's red carpet show preceding the Golden Globes ceremony, MSNBC host Jenna Bush took a second to ask music superstar Pharrell Williams about his best original score nomination for the NASA-themed movie Hidden Figures

Except, she didn't say Hidden Figures

While trying to ask Pharrell about the film, Bush instead said "Hidden Fences," an amalgamation of Hidden Figures and Denzel Washington-directed Fences, both films that happen to be about the black experience in America. 

Bush's gaffe will no doubt end up in the hall of fame of Golden Globes gaffes, alongside when the awards show's official Twitter account mixed up actresses Gina Rodriguez and America Ferrera, both of whom have previously won Golden Globes. 

During the ceremony, Michael Keaton also said Hidden Fences, just prior to handing Viola Davis an award for best actress in a film, drama, for her performance in Fences

Yeah, Twitter noticed that one, too.