Donald Trump attempted to clap back at Meryl Streep — and it completely backfired

President-elect Donald Trump had his claws out Monday morning for Meryl Streep, calling the multiple Academy Award-winning actress "over-rated" in response to her blistering Golden Globes speech in which she called Trump a "bully."

But the internet wasn't having any of it, throwing Trump's attack back in his face.

Most pointed out how many awards Streep has won, including two Emmys — an award that's proved elusive for Trump, who has bitterly called the award show "rigged."

Some questioned if Trump has ever seen any of Streep's films, which have made her the most Academy Award-nominated actor of all time

Others were quick to call Streep's impassioned speech more presidential than Trump.

And then there were those who joked that Streep always wins at the Golden Globes.

Trump should have taken a cue from The Wire: You come at the [queen], you best not miss.