How to get the Insurgent in 'GTA 5 Online' and how to kill the HVY vehicle


It's huge, it's armored — and all you want to do is kill it until you get one yourself and laugh at the whiners who complain about it the way you used to. The Insurgent in Grand Theft Auto Online is a beast. Here's everything you need to know about it.

How to get the Insurgent in GTA 5 Online

The Insurgent, a light armored personnel vehicle, is one of the toughest vehicles in GTA 5 Online. It is such a menace that Insurgents show up on the minimap the same way tanks appear on the minimap — as a warning to players who may want to get out of its way.

Getting an Insurgent is easy. All you need to do is have 675,000 GTA$, log onto the in-game web, head to the Warstock Cache & Carry site, find the Insurgent and click "Purchase." Heck, you don't even need to work to make the 675,000 GTA$ if you're willing to spend some real-life money on a Shark Card

Killing an Insurgent, however, is not easy, and if you're new to GTA 5 Online, you need to learn how to handle these monstrosities.

How to kill the Insurgent in GTA 5 Online

The Insurgent has an armed variant equipped with a machine gun turret that costs $1.35 million, but the machine gun is overkill. The Insurgent's best weapon is the Insurgent itself, which is capable of smashing through cars, running over pedestrians and shrugging off RPG hits.

The rules for killing Insurgents are therefore very similar to the rules for killing tanks in GTA Online: Do not let them see you coming and do not engage on foot from ground level. The second rule is easy to follow. The first rule is tougher; you can only appear off the radar for 30 seconds at a time, with several minutes between requests to drop off the radar. 

Chances are the Insurgent is going to see you coming if anyone in the vehicle is paying attention to the map and watching for nearby players to kill — which is the primary reason many people buy Insurgents in the first place. Your best counter is raw speed. Get in quick and make the attack. (It also helps if you don't count on surviving the encounter.)

The Insurgent in GTA 5 Online doesn't react well to plastic explosives.

One of the most popular and accessible methods for killing Insurgents is to lace a car with sticky bombs (read: plastique), drive the car right next to the Insurgent and hit the detonator. This will kill you in spectacular fashion, but it also ought to kill the Insurgent. 

Be aware that you will be on the hook for paying the insurance replacement cost of the Insurgent. Because the Insurgent is in all likelihood a personal vehicle, you will also receive Bad Sport points for killing someone's personal vehicle.

Of course, when someone has been trolling you with an Insurgent in GTA 5 Online, you may rapidly cease to care about Bad Sport points. Just be careful you don't kill an Insurgent too many times, because enough Bad Sport points will get you temporarily locked into a GTA 5 Online lobby with other Bad Sports — and those servers really suck.

If you don't want to deal with those issues, there's an easy workaround: Just split the Insurgent-killing work between two different people in your party. 

GTA 5 Online: The Insurgent has windows, and they ain't bulletproof.

Another method, perhaps for the more advanced GTA 5 Online player, is to shoot everyone in an Insurgent through the windshield. With this method, the Insurgent is only vulnerable at its front; unfortunately, that's usually the end barreling toward you at high speeds.

If you're in a vehicle that can withstand a full-speed crash with an Insurgent, however, you might get a shot at the drivers after they hit your car and are still up close. The fact that fans of the Insurgent have complained about the need for bulletproof windows speaks to how well this tactic works.

GTA 5 Online: Beat the Insurgent with a bigger stick.

The first two methods ought to be accessible to just about any GTA 5 Online player. When you start to make the big bucks, however, your options for dealing with Insurgents become more varied and interesting.

Insurgents can only survive a few rounds from a tank cannon. Buzzard and Savage helicopter gunships carry guided rockets, which they can rain down upon an Insurgent. And, if you're good with fighter jets, dive-bomb attacks can ruin Insurgent drivers' trolling experience.

As long as you have the money to keep replacing the ordnance, you can also stick with homing missiles, sticky bombs and proximity bombs. Lay traps, attack from height and take advantage of the way Insurgent drivers tend to drive around as if they have nothing to fear from anyone. Teach them otherwise!

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