16 chicken wing recipes to feed your Super Bowl crowd

National Chicken Wing Day may be in July, but chicken wing aficionados know this day really comes on Super Bowl Sunday. 

The unofficial (but really, official) finger food to eat while huddled around the television, chicken wings are perfect for feeding a crowd who's watching the Super Bowl. Or not watching, because they're so focused on the wings. Whip up a few recipes for variation, and be sure to score a wing-flavored touchdown with all your game-day guests. 

Baked honey-sriracha wings 

Baked honey-sriracha wingsDamn Delicious

These sweet and spicy wings calm all cravings and are deep-fryer free. Get the recipe here

Baked apple-butter brown-sugar wings

Baked apple-butter brown-sugar wingsDamn Delicious

For chicken that tastes like dessert (what's not to like?!), these baked wings are your key to fourth-quarter bliss. Get the recipe here. 

Buttermilk fried chicken wings

Buttermilk fried chicken wingsi am a food blog

Fried chicken fans will love these crispy wings that have a serious meat-to-breading ratio. Get the recipe here

Sweet and sour Thai oven-baked chicken wings

Sweet and Sour Thai wingsHalf Baked Harvest

If you're looking for some Thai-style wings, sans bones, this recipe is your new go-to. Get the recipe here

Hot wings

Hot wingsHalf Baked Harvest

These skillet-crisp spicy wings pretty much require a sip of beer after each bite, which is a good thing, of course. Get the recipe here

Pan-fried fish-sauce chicken wings

Pan-fried fish-sauce wingsi am a food blog

Blistered shishito peppers add some greenery to a meat-heavy day, plus they bring out the spiciness in the wings. Get the recipe here

Tabasco-brined spicy drumsticks

Tabasco-brined spicy drumsticksFoodie Crush

If you're more about the dips than the sauce, these brined drumsticks are your dream wing — and they're less messy! White-couch owners, take note. Get the recipe here

Buffalo chicken drumsticks

Buffalo chicken drumsticksFoodie Crush

This gourmet riff on the classic uses blackening seasoning for a greater depth of flavor. Get the recipe here

General Tso's chicken wings

General Tso's chicken wingsWhitney Bond

If Sunday night is Chinese takeout night, take the flavors, make some white rice and whip up these wings. Get the recipe here

Kung Pao chicken wings

Kung Pao chicken wingsThe Woks of Life

For more Chinese flavors and bright, spicy notes with a solid crunch in each bite, make these peanut-dusted Kung Pao wings. Get the recipe here

Spicy fried chicken wings

Spicy fried chicken wingsThe Woks of Life

These wings are HOT — in the best way possible, of course. Those accustomed to takeout wings will love this homemade recipe. Get the recipe here

Honey-mustard chicken wings

Honey-mustard chicken wingsfood52

If honey mustard is your preferred chicken-tender dip, try coating your chicken wings in honey mustard. Get the recipe here

Hanoi-inspired fried chicken wings

Hanoi-inspired chicken wingsfood52

Inspired by chicken feet in the streets of Vietnam, these fish sauce and Sambal Oelek-coated wings are sure to please the adventurous eater. Get the recipe here

Skinny BBQ baked chicken wings

Skinny baked BBQ chicken wingsGimme Some Oven

For the health conscious, these skinny wings will alleviate any guilt about eating several dozen for dinner. And dessert. Get the recipe here

Garlic-Parmesan grilled chicken wings

Garlic-Parmesan grilled chicken wingsOh Sweet Basil

On game day, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing, and there ain't no thing like cheese on a chicken wing. Make a lot. Get the recipe here

Asian BBQ wings

Asian BBQ WingsRasa Malaysia

These lightly marinated and grilled chicken wings are super flavorful and not intimidating to make. Get the recipe here