Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton Will Host Epic Obama Rally in Ohio Ahead of Second Debate


On October 18, the day of the second presidential debate from Hofstra University in New York, two democratic superstars will be hosting an epic rally in Ohio with the hopes of growing Obama’s narrow lead in the crucial swing state. Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton will be joining together for a free event aimed at getting out the vote, and lifting spirits. And if Barack Obama does well in the debate then it shouldn’t be too hard to lift those spirits. 

Springsteen is well known as a singer of working class hero ballads. A seeming rock star poet of the middle class he is the perfect musical surrogate for Obama who is trying to paint himself as the protector of this demographic. 

Ohio is crucial for any contender for president, and a free event featuring Springsteen and Clinton is sure to raise enthusiasm. Of course, much of the mood is going to depend on the outcome of Tuesday’s debate. Will Clinton use his rhetorical prowess to eviscerate Romney’s lies and flip-flops?  Or will he use it to make excuses for a poor performance by Obama? Only time will tell.

After the rally, Springsteen is due to travel to Ames, Iowa, to perform at another Obama rally. No word if Clinton will be joining him. Iowa is another swing state where Obama holds an advantage, albeit a slightly bigger one that in Ohio. It seems that as Romney begins to gain in swing states, Democrats are trying to cement their leads in states where they already have an advantage. Whether or not this is wise is one thing, but I am sure the residents of these states have no problem with a free Bruce Springsteen concert.