'Super Mario Frost Land': Nintendo Switch rumored game seems fake. Here's why.


A Super Mario Frost Land release date may be among the Nintendo news coming during the company's big event Thursday, at least according to an alleged list of Switch games purportedly leaked by IGN France — as reported by Gamer Professionals and other publications.) 

Before we dive into what this might mean, let's throw a little salt on the rumors. The warning signs aren't hard to spot. First, the list of potential Nintendo Switch games comes to us on some very try-hard stationary. It even includes official Nintendo branding and the oh-so-convincing "internal use only" warning.

Among the many interesting rumored game titles on the leaked (possibly fake) list, is a name for what may be the Super Mario platformer that appeared in the Nintendo Switch trailer (spotted at 2:10). According to the IGN France list, the game is actually titled Super Mario Frost Land and it's coming sometime between April and June.

Super Mario Frost Land on Nintendo Switch: How is this a "frost land"?

Nintendo Switch trailer

As with most things Switch, Nintendo is holding back all the good info for their announcement Thursday. That likely includes the upcoming Super Mario platformer game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The questionable list notes this game as Super Mario Frost Land, which sounds like a cool concept for a platforming game. However, it's hard to believe that the Super Mario title we all saw in the Nintendo Switch trailer has anything to do with frosty environments. We didn't even get a glimpse at one of the ice levels let alone a whole "Frost Land."

For now, though, the game is still a mystery. For all we know, it could center on the plumber preventing the Mushroom Kingdom from becoming a frozen tundra. Or perhaps the game is so damn cool that the only appropriate title is Frost Land.

Super Mario Frost Land: Other leaked Nintendo Switch games

The leaked list of Nintendo Switch games can be seen below. Other titles coming to the Switch include obvious titles like Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and NBA 2K17 — as we saw in the Switch trailer. There's also an updated version of Splatoon subtitled Counterattack and, of course, the infamous Super Mario Frost Land

IGN France/TweakTown

The list also includes some alleged release dates for these Nintendo Switch games. It looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch with the system on March 17, as will Splatoon Counterattack and Mario Kart 8: Switch It! (groan).

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