The Nomad Key is the accessory every iPhone owner should have in their arsenal

If you have an iPhone, you know how bad Lightning charging cables can be. 

For iPhone owners, the Lightning connector often means walking around with unruly USB cables. Regardless of where they come from, they always seem to end up breaking

Enter Nomad Key, a Lightning-to-USB charger that lets users charge and sync devices on the go, once again proving that big things truly do come in small packages. 

The aptly named device is made by a California-based tech accessory company called Nomad and acts exactly like the standard white cables found on Apple's website. It's incredibly portable and the size of any standard key (about three inches in length), which means it can fit onto a key chain, or in most wallets, pockets or bags without adding any significant bulk or weight. 

A bendable rubber frame makes it easy to move the device into almost any position conceivable without breaking. When in need of a charge, just plug it into an energy source that has a USB slot and then attach the bottom to your Apple product of choice and voila, the device starts working. 

At $19.99 it perfectly matches the same price Apple sells its shortest cable for, but the device's ease of convenience —  and two-year warranty —  makes it the better choice. Android users can pick up their own special key for $24.99 that works with devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony and more.

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