'Pokémon Go' 10km Egg Chances List: Chart reveals hatch rates for Eevee, Lapras and more


If you play Pokémon Go seriously you likely have a love/hate relationship with your eggs. They so rarely give you what you need, but every so often, you'll hatch a gem that changes your entire lineup.

By way of helping others to moderate their expectations, Silph Road community member EmergencyTaco posted an analysis of 100 Pokémon Go 10km eggs, and what they hatched. 

Let's get the bad news over with first. If you're waiting to hatch a Lapras from an egg you'll probably be waiting for a very long time. Check out the full Pokémon Go 10km egg chart and then read on for some detailed analysis.

EmergencyTaco/The Silph Road

Pokémon Go 10km Egg Chances: Why this list matters

Snorlax and Lapras are almost undeniably the two best endgame Pokémon in Pokémon Go, appearing in almost every "top 10" list online. Unfortunately, seeing either of these creatures in the wild is very rare.

For some players, hatching eggs may be the only way they ever discover either of the two titans of Pokémon Go. In that case, 10km eggs might be a lifeline for players who don't have many PokéStops or Pokémon nests nearby.

Pokémon Go 10km Egg Chances: Where Snorlax, Lapras and Eevee rank

There is obvious value for some Pokémon Go players in hatching all of the species on the 10km egg list if your goal is simply to fill out the Pokédex, since not all Pokémon species spawn in all locations. However, the 10km egg results, published by EmergencyTaco, are a letdown from the perspective of an endgame gym battler.

Five percent of the 10km eggs recorded produced Chansey. This Pokémon received a serious bump in the combat balance update, but its status as an endgame Pokémon is arguable at best. Seven percent of the eggs hatched Dratini, which evolves into Dragonite, but considering how many Dratini it takes to pull off an evolution, that's not much help.

The only two endgame Pokémon really worth mentioning from this 10km egg results list are Lapras and Snorlax. According to the analysis, 5% of all 10km eggs hatch into Snorlax. That provides some hope. However, only 2% hatch into Lapras, which seems criminal when you realize that 15% of eggs hatch into Jynx and 11% hatch into Eevee. Surely, there's some room to shave off the odds for either of these Pokémon and make more room for Lapras. Hopefully, Niantic can even things out with a future update.

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