Did Toby die on 'This Is Us'? Midseason premiere reveals his fate


This Is Us returned Tuesday night and finally revealed the fate of Toby, Kate's boyfriend. 

(Editor's note: Spoilers for the This Is Us midseason premiere ahead.)

The NBC drama left off with Toby flying across the country to be with Kate on Christmas morning. The two had previously split after Kate found out that he was binge eating. In an effort to win her back, Toby started dieting again and promised to rejoin her on the journey to weight loss. 

Everything seemed to be going okay — until Toby collapsed while cleaning up dishes. The midseason finale of This Is Us concluded with him flatlining at the hospital.

So, did Toby survive? Yes! While it was believed that he had a heart attack, he actually collapsed because of an arrhythmia problem, which is an abnormal heart rhythm. He had an emergency stent implantation, but a hole in his heart needs to be repaired. Although hesitant about going through with a major operation — even thought it could potentially save his life down the line  — it's ultimately Kate who convinces him to go under the knife.

The midseason premiere ends with a heart warming moment as Toby gets out of surgery and proposes to Kate.