'Pokémon Go' Level Speed Calculator: Plot your path to Level 40 as a Pokémon trainer


How quickly can you hit Level 40 in Pokémon Go? Thankfully, there's a handy Pokémon Go level speed calculator tool available to help you figure it out.

It can take a long time to earn the experience you need to level up in Pokémon Go once you get past Level 20. Even tried-and-true quick experience tricks like Pidgey spamming barely feel up to the task of getting you to Level 40. 

You want to get to Level 40 because the higher your level the more you can power up your Pokémon. 3000CP+ Pokémon are starting to appear at gyms, and we're guessing those Pokémon belong to Level 40 players. Here's how to plan your ascent to those lofty heights and join the ranks of top Pokémon Go players.

Mic/Pokémon Go level speed calculator

Pokémon Go Level Speed Calculator: Level 40 is worth planning for

Not everyone has the determination to power through Pokémon Go's experience grind and hit level 40. But the players that do will have a massive advantage against anyone who doesn't hit the current level cap in Pokémon Go.

Not everyone can grind out Pokémon catches and master excellent throws and curve balls to get the most experience out of every catch, but a slow and steady approach will get you to Level 40. The level speed calculator gives you some peace of mind on that timeline.

Mic/Pokémon Go level speed calculator

Pokémon Go Level Speed Calculator: Leveling made predictable, but not easy

The Pokémon Go Level Speed Calculator allows you to plug in your current experience point total and your Pokémon Go start date. From that data, it spits out your end date for Level 40.

Keep in mind that it's winter and you may be playing less for a few months, which could skew your results. After all, it's tough to Pidgey spam when it's cold enough outside to freeze your extremities.

So make sure you check back into the Pokémon Go level speed calculator every so often and confirm your Level 40 end date is getting closer and closer. If so, you're headed for the top of the Pokémon Go trainer heap. Until Niantic inevitably raises the level cap, that is.

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