Nintendo Switch Controller Options, Compatibility: What controllers support the Switch?


Details surrounding Nintendo Switch price, release date and launch games have finally been revealed. But which of Nintendo's dizzying lineup of controllers work with the company's newest console? Of the controllers supported by the Wii U, here's the definitive list of what the Switch will support too.

Are my old Nintendo controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch?

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Sorry, but the answer is none of them. We asked a Nintendo representative at the hands-on event on Jan. 13 and they confirmed that the Switch won't support any older controllers.

The Nintendo Switch will support the included Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Aside from these, the upcoming Nintendo Switch will not bring support for any of the following recent Nintendo control schemes:

•Wii U Pro Controller

•GameCube Controller with Wii U adapter

•Wii U GamePad

•Wii Remote 

•Wii Remote Nunchuk

•Wii Remote with but in Wii Motion Plus

•Wii Classic Controller

•Wii Classic Controller Pro

•NES Classic Edition Controller (uses the same connector as the Wiimote)

•Nintendo 3DS (for games like Super Smash Bros. 4)

•Wii Fit U Balance Board (for games like Wii Fit)

•Wii Wheel (Nintendo is offering a new wheel-shaped controller that works with the Joy-Con)

The good news is that the included Joy-Con controllers work really well both. They're easy to use either attached to the Switch, with the Joy-Con Grip accessory or on their own. They even work okay in local multiplayer situations when turned sideways. 

Still, the fact that this long a list of Nintendo-made controllers that is not compatible with the Switch is more than a little disappointing. Especially when many offer a similar amount of buttons.

Nintendo Switch controller support, options and compatibility: Other Joy-Con details from Nintendo's event

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Nintendo's Joy-Con Switch controllers were explained in-depth during the company's Jan. 12 event in Japan. When removed from the system, the Joy-Con can be used by a single player using both controllers or by two people holding one controller each. The face of each Joy-Con controller features an analog, four circular buttons and shoulder buttons on the inside. 

The Joy-Con controllers charge automatically when attached to the Switch unit, a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed to Mic at the hands-on event on Jan 13. When removed, the units connect to the console automatically over Bluetooth.

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