Eero: The smart device that promises to fix all your Wi-Fi problems

In today's super-connected world, a good internet router is a crucial part of life. It's at the core of any Wi-Fi network and the difference between a smooth browsing experience or frustratingly slow data downloads.

For those who have long suffered from poor connectivity the Eero internet system promises it can turn everything around with its smart routers that create a seamless Wi-Fi network. Finally say goodbye to Netflix buffering and dead zones with this tiny white dual-band gadget.

How it works is pretty simple: Once two or more of the company's devices are plugged into any outlet they create a large overarching network using TrueMesh technology, which adapts to its surroundings to find the fastest and strongest route to send your data. 

Technically, shoppers need only one device for every 1,000 square feet but it appears three is the optimal number for most average-sized homes, according to Eero's website. As of right now three devices will set you back a total of $454.90 on Amazon (currently down from its original $499 price) or $199 per single unit, which means they're not exactly cheap but arguably worth the cost for consumers willing to spend a little extra (well, a lot extra) to get better service. For larger homes or offices, owners can buy more smart devices to boost their range as needed.  

The device, with its Apple-esque aesthetic, is one of the more visually pleasing routers on the market. There are no ugly antennas sticking out or unruly cables to fight with, and it has an sleek look to it that helps it blend into the background. 

However its best feature, by far, is its simple set-up that takes all the pain out of getting your Wi-Fi up and running. Eero's free mobile application directs owners where to place their routers in any room or home for the best connection. It starts working immediately after being plugged into a DSL or cable modem. Once working, the app lets you review data speeds, manage other connected devices and oversee parental controls from the palm of your hand. Through its  Family Profiles feature you'll even be able to set time limits on internet usage and invite friends to join by sending a text, making password management a breeze. 

Once your Eeros are up and working you'll never have to worry about security either, because it automatically downloads software updates throughout the day, is WPA2 encrypted and reboots itself when it encounters internet problems on the fly. No need to ever unplug your router, count to 10 and then plug it back in again because Eero has you covered. 

Right now a promotional deal  offered online by the company means that Eero owners get a $50 Amazon gift card when they invite a friend to purchase a new device and referred customers receive a $50 discount off their first order. If you're considering buying a new router or upgrading your Wi-Fi then Eero may be what you need and now may be the best time to do it.

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