The pigs in a blanket recipes sure to make appetizers the best part of the party


It's the little things in life, like tiny hot dogs wrapped in breading, that make life worth living. Well, that and a few other things. 

But if cocktail franks inspire you, let your pigs in a blanket adoration reach new levels with recipes that make the classic hors d'oeuvres even better — who knew that was possible! Trust us, it is. Here are the best pigs in a blanket recipes to cuddle up with all winter long. 

Classic pigs in a blanket

Damn Delicious

Like the old saying goes, if it's not broke, wrap it in puff pastry and dip it in ketchup. Why mess with a good thing? Get the recipe here

Jalapeño popper pigs in a blanket

Two great apps, one amazing bite. Get the recipe here

Cinnamon roll pigs in a blanket

Oh Sweet Basil

These cinnamon roll-wrapped and icing coated breakfast sausages are prefect for any time of the day. Seriously. Any place, any time, feed us these. Get the recipe here

Asiago pigs in a blanket


Number one rule on making anything better: Add cheese. These fancy pigs in a blanket accomplish just that. Get the recipe here

Gluten-free mini corn dogs


These gluten-free pigs in a blanket use cornbread for their shell to kick out the gluten but still make a cozy hot dog cuddle fest. Get the recipe here.

Pretzel dogs


Another snack hybrid that's almost too good to be true, these pretzel dogs are best enjoyed dipped in a good portion of mustard. Get the recipe here

Parsnip 'pigs' in a blanket with chimichurri 


Pigs in a blanket lovers who don't eat meat can participate  —a non fake-meat solution to all your blanket-wrapped food woes! Root vegetables to the rescue. Get the recipe here

Lil' Smokies pigs in a blanket

The Wicked Noodle

It's all about the basic super market ingredients, like Lil' Smokies and Crescent Roll dough, with these classic pigs in a blanket. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped crescent dogs


Up the crescent-rolled hot dog ante by adding bacon. Duh. Get the recipe here

Lop Cheung Bao (Chinese sausage buns)

The Woks Of Life

Give the classic American party snack a Chinese-twist with these steamed Chinese sausage buns. You can still dip them in ketchup. Get the recipe here

Time to pig out!