Watch first lady Michelle Obama surprise her adoring fans with Jimmy Fallon


On Jan. 20, not only will a popular president be leaving office, but also, an influential first lady. Over the last eight years, Michelle Obama has been an inspiration to countless people all over the world. 

Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC's The Tonight Show, gave many of Obama's fans a platform to say farewell during Wednesday's episode. Several people offered their heartfelt goodbyes to a hanging portrait of Obama, while the first lady and Fallon secretly watched from behind a curtain. As touching as the fans' tributes were, watching Obama's reaction spoke volumes.

Some discussed how Obama has inspired them. Others spoke about her influence on their children. What was clear, is that Obama has touched innumerable lives in meaningful ways during her tenure as first lady.

With so much love for Obama, her fans were overjoyed to see her pop out from behind the curtain. Check out the touching video below: