Next 'Pokémon Go' Update Date and Event: Is Niantic planning an April Fools' surprise?


Pokémon Go holiday updates and special events give players new rewards to earn and goals to achieve. So where does the game go from here?

We've already rounded up some of the major culprits for future Pokémon Go holiday events. Easter looms large on the list of possibilities, but some Pokémon Go players have an interesting idea for another possible event.

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Next Pokémon Go Update Date: Mark your calendars for April 1

Pokémon Go developer Niantic isn't always great about communicating with players, which is what leads to rampant speculation by the Pokémon Go communities like the Silph Road. The latest idea posted to the popular subreddit offers up an idea for a clever April Fools' Day event: Make all Pokémon in the world spawn as the water-type fish Pokémon Magikarp.

As all Pokémon Go players know, Magikarp is one of the most useless and underpowered Pokémon in the game. It also evolves into the powerful dragon-like Gyarados, but only once you've collected a whopping 400 Magikarp candies.

So while the idea of an April Fools' Day event that turns all Pokémon into Magikarp is entirely a thought experiment, it's also not a bad idea. It would be hilarious to see all those fish Pokémon flopping around, and extremely useful for anyone still hoping to add Gyarados to their lineup.

Hopefully, Niantic is paying attention.

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