The xx's 'I See You' is here: Download and streaming options for the new album


Fans of the xx embrace the band's minimalist restraint, but Rolling Stone critic Jon Dolan says their new album, I See You, has a "more expansive sound." Maybe that's as much about artistic innovation as it is compromise. Put another way, Pitchfork executive editor Mark Richardson writes that I See You "sounds like an attempt to incorporate everyone's talents into a new version of their sound, one true to their roots but richer and more varied." While the trio's 2012 album Coexist peaked at No. 5 on Billboard 200, I See You's more mainstream appeal could have the band achieve even greater popularity.

I See You dropped Jan. 13, about a month before the xx's European and North American tour by the same name is set to start.

Where to download and stream

I See You is available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon. You can stream on Spotify with an account or with your preferred service for the "in the studio" version. On iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play, you can download singles or the whole album. You'll see singles listed for £0.99 on Apple Music and iTunes, but $1.29 elsewhere. 

On Amazon, you can stream the album unlimited with the app or download the album as MP3s ($9.49). You also have the option of purchasing the album as an audio CD ($8.99) or as vinyl ($22.55). You can buy music directly from the band's website, as well.

Here's the official video for "Brave for You," a song that trio member Romy Madley Croft sings in honor of her dead parents.