The best bacon-wrapped vegetable recipes — so you can eat your greens and love them, too


So you have trouble eating your veggies. 

We can understand your take: Why choose broccoli when bacon exists? Well, why not combine the powers? Since multiple servings of fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced, healthy diet, wrapping greens in bacon is a great way to get a hearty dose of two essentials. 

Sure, bacon-wrapped and deep fried veggies aren't as heart healthy as say, a salad or crudité, but small steps. Up your veggie-eating game with these bacon-wrapped vegetable recipes that feel just healthy enough to sneak in that extra serving of vegetables. 

Bacon-wrapped veggie bundles with maple cider glaze

A Spicy Perspective

Tie up these vegetables with bacon and stuff them in your mouth! Or cook them first, maybe. Get the recipe here

Bacon-wrapped avocado

Paleo Leap

The two best things in life, all in one. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped corn on the cob

Martha Stewart

A recipe so obvious you'll wish you thought of it before Martha. Too late. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped caramelized sesame asparagus

How Sweet It Is

These beautiful bundles of asparagus are even more tantalizing wrapped in bacon. Forget the bouquet, this is the next floral arrangement you want on your table. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped Parmesan broccoli rabe

Half Baked Harvest

Broccoli never looked so good as it does wrapped in bacon. Plus, there's a yogurt dipping sauce you can make on the side. Get the recipe here

Bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese

Pinch of Yum

Okay, so dates are a fruit, but we're making an exception here. This classic party snack is also perfect date food, or a great project for one when you want to cuddle up with these sweet, savory, crispy and gooey bites of joy. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped cheesy stuffed jalapeños 

Sally's Baking Addiction

Jalapeños = vegetables. And these homemade jalapeño poppers are certainly as healthy as other green veggies, right? Get the recipe here

Bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts

Fit Foodie Finds

Anyone who thinks they don't like Brussels sprouts (wrong!) needs to try these leafy greens wrapped in bacon (so right!). Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped green bean bundles 

Skinny Taste

These cute bundles of green beans have a satisfying snap and are, of course, wrapped in crisp bacon. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus

Swanky Recipes

Tiny bacon swirls make every bite of this asparagus full of bacon flavor. Get the recipe here

Maple-glazed bacon-wrapped carrots

Closet Cooking

Drooling all over these carrots is totally fine, but why not just start shoving them in your mouth? Get the recipe here

Carrots wrapped in bacon

Another carrot take, these crisp sticks are boiled to be just soft enough before you bite into them. Get the recipe here

Bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms

My Heart Beets

These tiny bacon bouquets are super savory and packed with umami flavor, thanks to the tiny Japanese mushrooms serving as a base for your bacon. Get the recipe here