Who Won the Debate? Obama and the White House by a Landslide


In round two of the major party debates, Mitt Romney will try to build on his consensus victory form a couple of weeks ago. It won't be asy, however. This is a townhall format with an audience full of undecided voters. Now of course the audience will be friendly, and most likely, non-confrontational. Still, Romney and Obama will be forced to stare actual voters in the face and explain to them why they are the best candidate. Furthermore, it is likely that these audience members are well read and understand the policies each candidate has pushed during the campaigns. So stretching the truth is not as simple as it might be with Jim Lehrer. On the surface, this format would seem to favor the president. Can Romney once again surprise us all?


Here are the details for the Oct. 16 Debate: 

Topic: Town meeting format including foreign and domestic policy

The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have 2 minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

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Update 10:40 PM: So, I don't see any way that it can be spun for a Romney win tonight. Mitt neither looked nor sounded as confident as in the first debate. He blew his chances on Libya, gun control, and details. In fact, he may need to get some ED meds. At his age, I'm afraid he may have "finished" too early. There are 3 weeks left!

Update 10:36 PM: Misconceptions? Neither one actually cares about you, just your vote!: 

Update 10:34 PM: Romney has decided not to cut @BlGBlRD. Instead, he'll purchase CNN and fire Candy Crowley!

Update 10:32 PM: Romney says China is a currency manipulator, ignores the Fed. LMAO

Update 10:14 PM: Romney blew his chance on that Libya question. Tries to say the president did not refer to the attack as an act of terror. Oops at 4:21 of the video.

Update 10:10 PM: Foreign policy questions, ruh roh. Big softball here for Romney!

Update 10:07 PM: If I could have you sit down Governor Romney!

Update 10:03 PM: Obama doesn't want to empower the police state! Yeah right. Emperor Obama? I don't need a fence!

Update 9:56 PM: Party Unity is priority number 1

Update 9:50: Big Bird doesn't believe you Mitt.

Update 9:44 PM: How am I different than Bush? Duh. I have a 5 point plan!

Update 9:41: Romney promising companies will not only be begging for women, but will offer them flexible schedules. Work when you want and get paid!

Update 9:31: Doug Gottlieb weighed in on Twitter. I think we actually agree!

Update 9:26: Romney Tax Plan finally released.

Update 9:24 PM: Candy wants to move on to taxes. Romney wants to eat her like Big Bird.

Update 9:18 PM: Obama just shut Romney up...big time. Head to head exchange went straight to the president.

Update 9:09 PM: Ugly first few minutes for Romney.

Update 9:04 PM: Mitt manages to speak for 2 minutes and not explain how he is going to make sure millennials can use their degrees upon graduation. Obama gets MUCH more specific.

Update 9:00 PM: It's showtime!

Update 8:48 PM: The candidates have arrived on the debate stage.Just a few minutes until we get started. The president was first to arrive:


But not to be outdone, Mitt made his entrance, Gangnam Style, proving he was in fact not out of touch with millennials.

Update 8:27 PM: Will the Real Mitt Romney please stand up?

Update 7:21 PM: Courtesy of HuffPo, Mitt Romney is reportedly in town. However, he may be experiencing some scary moments!