Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Because Listening To This BS While Sober is Just Too Damn Much


Official 2012 Election Presidential Debate Drinking Game (Second Edition)

October 16, 2012, 9:00pm


Tonight at 9pm, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will face off in their second and penultimate presidential debate at. Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. And you know what that means. Drink up! The debate will feature questions on domestic and foreign policy in a town-hall style forum moderated by CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. The audience, which is hilariously comprised of undecided voters from Long Island, was chosen by the Gallup Organization, and will pepper the candidates with their questions. Once again, I will be playing along while live-streaming and live-blogging the debate. 

If supporters of Obama weren't playing PolicyMic's presidential debate drinking game during the first match-up between the president and Mitt Romney, there's no doubt they wish they had by the time it was over. Let this be a lesson to all debate watchers: In case your preferred candidate tanks in round two, it is advisable to have plenty of beverages on hand to blunt the impact of a subpar performance. 

Something like that.

WARNING: Drinking heavily during presidential debates may cause liver damage and lead to political arguments that are even more incoherent than those heard on cable news.

You can check out PolicyMic's presidential debate drinking game first edition here, and the vice presidential debate drinking game here.

Whenever the candidates say the following words or phrases during the debate, take a drink the for duration of time indicated.

THE GIMMEES (2 seconds)

"Thank you"


"My plan"

"Look..." (as in, 'Here's the deal...')




THE PROBABLES (4 seconds)

" clear"

"Great Depression."



"Corporate tax(es)"

"Broaden the base" 



"North Korea"



"Missile defense shield"

THE DOUBTFULS (8 seconds)


"[Any number] Amendment" of the Constitution

"Big Bird"

THE LONG SHOTS (break out the funnel)