Watch Alec Baldwin come for Donald Trump and his "pee pee tape" on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live held its own version of President-elect Donald Trump's bizarre, furious and vaguely post-modern press conference from earlier this week, which included superstar Alec Baldwin bringing back his pitch-perfect impression of the real estate mogul for another round of blows.

"I am going to bring back a thick stream of jobs back to this country," Baldwin as Trump responded to questions about the report in a futile effort to change the topic, apparently locked in a battle to the death with his own subconscious. "The biggest, strongest, steadiest stream you've ever seen. This country will be literally showered with jobs, because I am a major whiz at jobs, and this will be a golden opportunity for me as president to make a big splash."

Just like in the real press conference, the most prominent topic was an unverified BuzzFeed report that said the Russian government has obtained a video of Trump watching a "golden showers (urination) show" in a Moscow hotel.

"Now who's with me?" Baldwin added. "I know you're in. How about you?" You're in? You're in? You're in? You're in?"

The skit also took aim at Trump's plans to have his adult sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. manage his businesses ("Look at those two little American psychos!"); the meaningless piles of paper that were on display during the press conference and supposedly proved Trump's full divestment from his companies ("but here with actual proof is my tax lawyer"); Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway ("Every day, it looks like she does the ice-bucket challenge with her makeup.") and Dr. Ben Carson ("the best brain surgeon to ever run the Housing Department"). 

But like many of SNL's best sketches of late, the skit took substantive aim at Trump's politics, with Baldwin quipping he had a great plan to replace Obamacare. It's a "terrific plan, just great. It's called the Affordable Care Act." When a journalist pointed out the two plans are one and the same and noted people will die if no replacement is passed, Baldwin deadpanned: "Listen, sweetheart, I'm about to be president. We're all going to die."

Inauguration is just five days away.