Next 'Pokémon Go' Event: Trading, messaging, legendaries, shinies and other player ideas


Pokémon Go closed out 2016 with a series of exciting events, but we're still not sure what to expect from the game in 2017. 

It turns out that Pokémon Go developer Niantic may not know what the future holds either. The company recently asked players for suggestions on future events in a post on Twitter, and the responses it got could offer a glimpse at what to expect moving forward.

Next Pokémon Go Event: Here's what fans what to see in 2017

One popular request from Pokémon Go players is the addition of new features like trading and in-game messaging. We're been waiting for the option to trade since the app first launched, and the ability to message other players could make it easier to track down rare Pokémon by working as a team.

Other suggestions also focused on the legendary Pokémon. These mythical creatures are still missing from Pokémon Go, but player are clearly hopeful that they'll show up eventually.

Another trainer suggested that the next Pokémon Go event could take place over Chinese New Year's and introduce the legendary beast Pokémon.

Another Pokémon Go player suggested that a fun event could introduce Team Rocket, the original Pokémon villains, to the mobile game.

A more realistic suggestion for a Pokémon Go event mentions bringing back free incubators, along with faster hatches during special events.

Finally, one player suggested that instead of focusing on special events, Pokémon Go should introduce monthly themed updates to keep the game interesting.

Any of these suggestions could make for a great Pokémon Go event, but there's no guarantee Niantic will take any of this advice. We're still eyeing Easter and April Fools' for future updates, but if we're lucky we could get another update even sooner than that.

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