How to get stardust in 'Pokémon Go': Farming from eggs and other tricks, tips and hacks


There's a guaranteed way to get lots of stardust in Pokémon Go, and it involves getting your feet on the pavement. However, it's worth the effort since stardust is the key to beefing up your best Pokémon.

You get 100 stardust in Pokémon Go per Pokémon you catch, and it takes a while to build up a healthy reserve of stardust this way. If you want to maximize your stardust gains you're probably going to have to spend some real-world money. So you have to decide just how badly you want that stardust.

How to get Stardust in Pokémon Go: Why you need it at all

Stardust in Pokémon Go is used to power up your Pokémon, which means increasing their CP and hit points. Advanced players will take the time to check the IVs of their Pokémon precisely to make sure that those Pokémon are worth the stardust investment. 

Stardust is a valuable resource. You don't want to waste it on Pokémon with bad IVs, and you may not even want to spend stardust on a Pokémon who doesn't have the optimal moveset if you're serious about gym battling.

How to get stardust in Pokémon Go: The best way to do it

You may have noticed that hatching Pokémon eggs will get you a healthy amount of stardust. That's true regardless of whether you're hatching a 2km, 5km or 10km egg, and no matter what species of Pokémon you get. Stardust rewards make 2km eggs relevant.

Of course, you'll likely need to buy some Incubators from the Pokémon Go shop in order to keep up with the flow of fresh eggs from PokéStops.

The other way to make a healthy amount of stardust is by making sure you catch at least one Pokémon a day to take advantage of the daily stardust bonus.

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