Can Donald Trump be impeached? Yes, but the process hasn't begun yet.


On Wednesday, left-leaning website published a story falsely claiming that the impeachment process against President Donald Trump had begun.

The story, titled "Donald Trump Impeachment Process Begins – FEC Paperwork Filed – Tantrum Imminent" claims that Boyd Roberts, a California Democrat who's looking to challenge incumbent Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher, has launched a political action committee called Impeach Trump.

But creating a PAC and beginning the process of impeachment are vastly different things.

Article I of the Constitution states that impeachment proceedings are initiated by the House of Representatives – not a single person with a PAC hoping to win a seat in the House in the next election.

The House must have a simple majority vote on whether or not to proceed with an impeachment trial and after that vote, it falls the Senate to try the case. During that time, the chief justice of the Supreme Court presides over the hearings. There must be agreement among two thirds of the Senate to convict.

At any time, a member of the House can request a vote on whether or not to impeach the president, but the cards are currently stacked against a successful impeachment effort as Republicans control both houses of Congress.