Video of a dinosaur-sized alligator in Florida is going viral — and Twitter is freaking out


On Monday, the police department in Lakeland, Florida, just west of Tampa, uploaded a video to its Facebook page of a colossal alligator at a wildlife sanctuary, and it's sending the internet into a fit.

The gator's incredible size — and the fact that it doesn't chomp down on the nearby tourist-photographers snapping pictures and raising questions about how humans got to the top of the predator chain while not running away from gargantuan alligators — has led some to suspect that the footage is fake.

But, in keeping with all that makes Florida bizarre and great, of course the gator is real — and locals call it "Humpback," because giving this behemoth a nickname is how you minimize an alligator's devastating bite force. But should ol' Humpback the dino-gator feel inclined to chomp down on homo sapiens a la carte, here are some tips on fighting that futile fight.