How to get golden weapons in 'Overwatch': Tips, tricks, guide and everything you need to know


The special golden weapon skins in Overwatch are a quick but effective way to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, wordlessly communicating that you're not to be messed with. They're tough to unlock, but look so damn snazzy when you do.

Here's everything you to know to get some golden weapons in Overwatch.

How to get golden weapons in Overwatch

To get a golden weapon for one of your characters in Overwatch, you'll have to purchase it from the "hero gallery" menu where you unlock other cosmetic items. Golden weapons are located under the "weapons" category for each hero. Yes, that means you have to purchase golden weapons individually for each hero. 

However, to unlock them, you won't be spending the normal currency you use to unlock other items. You'll have to spend 3,000 competitive points, which you can only earn through playing in the competitive mode.

How to get golden weapons in Overwatch: The full competitive points breakdown

So how long will it take to earn 3,000 points? It depends on how good you are at Overwatch.

At the end of each match in competitive mode, you'll earn 10 competitive points for a win and three points for draws. If you're doing the math, you might be realizing that works out to having to win 300 matches. Yikes.

Luckily, you'll also get pretty sizeable chunks of competitive points at the end of each season. Here's how many points you'll earn at the end of each season, organized by skill tier.

Bronze — 100Silver — 200Gold — 400Platinum — 800Diamond — 1,200Master — 2,000Grandmaster — 3,000

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