Netflix's 'Santa Clarita Diet' Trailer: Another zombie series with a comedic twist


The official trailer for Drew Barrymore's Netflix cannibalism show, Santa Clarita Diet, has been released and looks like a fresh take on the zombie genre. 

Joel and Sheila Hammond, played by Timothy Olyphant and Barrymore respectively, are realtors who've become bored with their suburban lives in Los Angeles. Well, that is until Sheila goes through a life-changing ordeal that results in her feasting on humans ... now, she's loving it.

The zombie genre is nothing new, of course. The Walking Dead ratings may have declined, but the show remains a must-see; the CW's iZombie looks to change things up going into the show's third season

Based on the trailer, Sheila's cannibalism helps strengthen the Hammonds' marriage and bring their family together. "I'm so much more confident. I can parallel park in one move now!" Sheila says proudly. Keeping their secret seems to have given the couple a new lease on life.  

Santa Clarita Diet looks to have a similar tone to the romantic comedies for which Barrymore is known — 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed. The addition of the cannibalism twist makes for what looks to be one of the most interesting zombie projects in forever. 

The first season of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet will be released Feb. 3.