'Diablo 3' Anniversary Event Patch 2.4.3: New features and everything else in the update


Blizzard Entertainment's most talked about game might currently be Overwatch, but the character shipping simulator/multiplayer shooter isn't the only thing going for the legendary game developer. Diablo 3 continues to be a highly popular and beloved loot grind that hits all the pleasure centers in your brain.

2017 also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the original Diablo, and Blizzard is celebrating with a special anniversary event during the month of January. Here's everything you need to know about the Diablo 3 Anniversary event and patch update.

Diablo 3 Anniversary Event Patch: A classic reborn

Originally revealed at Blizzcon, patch 2.4.3 brings a litany of changes to the game as a way to celebrate the original title's milestone anniversary. The major new addition to the game is an event that lasts through the month of January that allows you to bring your Diablo III character though a remake of the first game's 16-floor dungeon, complete with all four bosses.

That's not all, though. The dungeon (which is accessed through a portal in Adventure Mode) comes with a host of neat enhancements that are sure to tickle nostalgia bones. A visual filter brings back the signature darkness of the original game, while the character movement is changed to be more reminiscent of 1997. 

It looks great. See for yourself in this developer video.

The Cow King quest in World of Warcraft was a cool nod to Diablo, but this is next level stuff. Whether you loved the original Diablo at the time or never played it, this is worth experiencing in both the PC and console versions of Diablo III. Take a break from grinding for golden weapons in Overwatch and experience a classic.

Diablo 3 Anniversary Event Patch: Other minor changes in patch 2.4.3

The original Diablo dungeon is the major addition in patch 2.4.3, but like any update, there are plenty of other bullet points to read in the patch notes

Class abilities have been adjusted, as have various item properties. Bugs have also been fixed, as you might expect. Blizzard has also reduced the number of enemies you need to kill to complete a handful of Rift bounties. Additionally, enemies in Greater Rifts are more evenly distributed and the Greater Rift progress bar is more informative than before.