People think Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam — and conservatives are completely up in arms


Lindsay Lohan is facing backlash from conservatives and anti-Muslim extremists for her new Instagram bio. 

Lohan wiped her Instagram account clean on Friday and wrote "Alaikum salam" in her bio. Alaikum Salaam is Arabic for "and peace unto you," which is used in reponse to the Islamic greeting "Salaam Alaikum," which means "may peace be upon you."

Lohan made headlines in the past for her fondness of the Middle East, humanitarian work with refugees in Turkey and Syria and for carrying the Quran in New York City. Lohan's representative denies that she converted, but the global online Muslim community has welcomed her to the religion with open arms, regardless.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have resorted to harassing her on Twitter. Others have proceeded to bring up her troubled past and accuse her of seeking attention on conservative media outlets.

The GatewayPundit, a right-wing blog, said Lohan was part of Hollywood's "moronic elite" for wanting to learn more about Islam and embracing its followers and those living in Muslim-majority countries. 

Online forums, particularly threads belonging to "alt-right" and right-wing trolls, are a treasure trove of the most sickening reactions to Lohan's embrace of Islam and the Middle East. Unsurprisingly, these users also continued to equate approximately 1.6 billion Muslims to extremist organizations like ISIS.

In "the Donald" subreddit, Reddit users have gone to slut shame and body shame Lohan.

"Honestly. I'm quite happy about this," Reddit user Dracofiredong wrote in a thread. "Islam could not have found a better spokeswoman for its ideology than Lindsay Lohan: STD infested, drug abusing, emotionally unstable, former child star."

Another user, Serial-Killer-Whale, went on to joke about how Lohan converted to Islam so she can wear her burqa to hide her body.

"No wonder she wants to convert to muslim," Serial-Killer-Whale wrote. "Good excuse to hide said body. HillaryProlapsedAnus joked how her alleged conversion is an STD. "Must be an STD from all the Saudi semen she's been guzzling," they wrote.

On 4Chan, users perpuated stereotypes about Arab men and the greater Muslim community.


"Isn't 90% of her income from whoring around with Saudis nowadays? She just trying to get more money?" one 4Chan user wrote.

Another wrote: "Does this mean she will only have to fuck and suck the Gulf princes unlike the rest of the Instagram gulf yacht whores who fuck, suck and get pissed and shit on?"

The justification for the obscene remarks about Lohan's alleged conversion to Islam is based on ignorant and prejudiced claims that Muslims belong to a "hateful foreign ideology." 

Ironically, their acts of objectifying women, dehumanizing Muslims and their lame jokes of Lohan being stoned to death have more in common with ISIS than they do with Islam's followers.