Felix Jump Video: Felix Baumgartner Headcam Live Footage Shows POV Space Skydive


The beauty of the internet was put into full effect on Sunday when 8 million people around the world tuned into YouTube to watch one super dare-deveil sky diver jump from space to, like, Earth. Felix Baumgartner went up in a balloon to 128,000 feet, opened the door to his tiny pressurized capsule, and jumped. I mean, honest to God, this is like the climax scene of a Bruce Willis movie. 

While the rest of the world freaked out via social media, Baumgartner made his leap of faith look easy peasy. So while Baumgartner was, you know, doing this: 


The rest of the world was watching from home and doing some version of this: 

It seems like Baumgartners's jump made millions of Earthlings feel similar sentiments: awe, inspiration, respect, and just a little bit of self-shame. 


With the release of footage from Baumgartner's headcam we can now see the world through Baumgartner's eyes, and I can have all the proof I need that in the same situation I would have really fogged up my visor by puking into my space suit. If the footage of him bunny hopping out of the capsule didn't make you want to hide under the covers forever than this headcam footage just might ... it's also pretty awesome: 

In sum: Is Felix Baumgartner the most bad ass man on the planet?