Kitchen gadget SmartyPans promises to take the guesswork out of cooking

Tech startups are now invading our kitchens. One of those companies is SmartyPans, a business founded by siblings Prachi Baxi and Rahul Baxi that promises to make it easier for people to cook homemade meals. 

The company's nonstick connected pan syncs with a complementary iOS or Android app via Bluetooth to provide step-by-step cooking instructions. The pan also monitors the temperature of your food and automatically displays calorie and nutritional information for any dish. 

To get started, simply tell the pan what ingredients are being added. Sensors located in the device's handle will measure the ingredients and track serving sizes. The app even records your recipes so they can be shared or revisited later — and keeps a watchful eye over your food to ensure it never burns. 

Sautéing vegetables and worried about overcooking them? The smart pan will notify you when the temperature is too hot and needs to be turned down. Not sure how long to leave your dinner simmering on the stove? A perfectly timed message will be sent to your smartphone app when your dish is ready to be eaten. These simple features may seem less than exciting to experienced cooks, but for the culinarily challenged it can make the difference between an inedible mess and a professional-looking meal. 

SmartyPans has a few useful tricks aimed at culinary know-it-alls, too, like the ability to share nutritional data with fitness trackers and nutrition apps, hundreds of recipes for different occasions and a social feature that lets you take photos of your meals to share with others. 

Every pan is made from aluminum and can withstand high heats of up to 1250 °C and maximum weights of roughly 13 pounds. Its detachable handle means the pan can also be used in the oven or pull double-duty as a serving dish when company comes over.

Users can pre-order the smart pans online for $229, although the company hasn't publicized a release date yet.

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