How to get Sylveon in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon': Eevee evolving guide, tips and tricks


Nintendo may not have revealed the Switch version of Pokémon Sun and Moon during its big January presentation, but that just means you have more time to conquer the 3DS versions of the game. Specifically, we bet you want to fill out your Pokédex, and an important part of that process is getting every evolution of Eevee — sorry, this is a no pun zone.

One of the trickier Eeveelutions (we caved) to get is Sylveon, the fairy-type mutation of everyone's favorite fox. Here's how to get this Eevee evolution in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

How to get Sylveon in Pokémon Sun and Moon


According to IGN, the first thing you'll need to do is catch an Eevee — go figure. Skulk around the grass in Route 4 or Route 6 until an Eevee shows up and do the typical song and dance of attacking the Pokémon until its health is low before throwing a Pokéball at it. 

Once you catch an Eevee, the process becomes slightly trickier because it can evolve into so many different forms. So it's never as simple as leveling your Pokémon up enough times to evolve. To get Sylveon, you'll need to go into Pokémon Refresh and give it tons of love to get its affection rating (measured in hearts) to two. In other words, just pet your Eevee and feed it beans until it's at two hearts. It will probably also help to do some battling with it.

Once its affection for you is high enough, take it into battle. The next time it levels up, it'll evolve into Sylveon! Good job.

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