'Final Fantasy 15' DLC Release Date: January update will let you take your own photos


One of the best parts of Final Fantasy 15 is the photos Prompto takes throughout the day. In terms of their quality, they're kind of hit-or-miss, but they're an endearing and fun feature that makes you feel like Final Fantasy 15's characters are your best buds. Thankfully, some new Final Fantasy 15 DLC should take those photos to new heights.

According to IGN, a forthcoming update will give you, the player, a bit more control over these photos. It seems like this feature will be timed with the Jan. 24 update — the one ushering in new outfits and the Moogle Chocobo Carnival — but details are still hazy.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC Release Date: "Self-shooting function" on the way

The Japanese version of Square Enix's website mentions a "self-shooting function" on the page for the next Final Fantasy 15 update. However, this detail is not mentioned anywhere on the English version of the site.

It appears this new feature will let players manually take photos at any time during the game in addition to the photos Prompto takes automatically. Square Enix confirmed that IGN's translation of its site is correct, but would not elaborate on the details of this mode or confirm that it's coming out on Jan. 24 with the previously announced DLC.

When Square Enix announces more about this "self-shooting function," Mic will keep you updated.

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