Donald Trump protesters: Lawyers say, "We've got your back"

Donald Trump will assume the presidency in just two days, and angry Americans across the country are preparing to fight back. A number of protests are set for Trump's Inauguration Day and weekend, including the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21 and smaller events from the ANSWER Coalition, Occupy Inauguration and more.

Of course, resisting the incoming president may come with a price. Given the large security presence the inauguration will have, protesters may have to face the possibility of mass arrests, shows of excessive force by police and restrictions on free speech.

Protesters looking for legal assistance, however, will thankfully be in luck, as organizations including the National Lawyers Guild are preparing to offer free legal assistance for Inauguration Day protesters. In a statement, the NLG revealed that they will organize a "mass defense infrastructure" for Inauguration Day and the Women's March. This infrastructure will be made up of legal observers who will observe and document events that take place during the protest, a jail support team who will track arrests and support people as they're released and Washington, D.C.-barred lawyers, who will support arrestees and make jail visits.

A poster in Dupont Circle advertises an anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest.Paul J. Richards/Getty Images

"Tens of thousands of people are answering the call to resist the incoming administration at inaugural protests next weekend," Maggie Ellinger-Locke, D.C. NLG Mass Defense Chair, said in the statement. "As always, the NLG is mobilizing its dedicated team of radical lawyers, legal workers and law students to provide the critical legal support infrastructure needed for such large-scale demonstrations."

D.C.-barred attorneys, law students and other legal workers who would like to volunteer their services can fill out a form here.

Additionally, the Reporters Committee has reminded any reporters covering the demonstrations of their free legal hotline, which can provide legal assistance to any journalists who may get swept up in mass arrests. Reporters can contact the hotline at 800-336-4243 or