'NBA 2K17': How to unlock almost every badge for your MyPlayer


NBA 2K fans wear the badges they earn in the game's class system with honor. Learning the process of unlocking these badges is like finding the yellow brick road in the 2K Universe.

2K Sports never released a definitive list or guide to unlock every badge. It was meant to be somewhat secret, and for gamers to attain the honors through organic play. That said, I've located perhaps the best guide for unlocking every badge in NBA 2K17 for your MyPlayer. 

You start your MyCareer with a few badges based on the Archetype you choose. Aside from those base badges, here's the most accurate list of instructions for attaining each badge, per GameNGuide.

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the personality badges for your MyPlayer

Alpha Dog — Become the highest-rated player on your team in a MyCareer season

Spark Plug — Average approximately 7 points per game as a reserve

Enforcer — Commit 10 hard, but non-flagrant fouls in a single season

Championship DNA — Win at least one NBA Championship in MyCareer

Microwave — Gain 2 red rings for 10 games in a row

Expressive — Celebrate (at any time) as soon as the prompt comes up

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the playmaking badges for your MyPlayer

Dimer — Dish approximately 300 assists in 20 games

Lob City Passer — Throw at least 50 alley-oop passes in a season

Ankle Breaker — Complete 200 double moves that lead to a score by you or a teammate from your assist

Flashy Passer — Make 50 passes in a single season

Pick and Roll Maestro — This apparently works in conjunction with the Dimer and Lob City Passer

Work the pick-and-roll to complete the play with the same stipulations as Lob City

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the defensive badges

Not all of the badges for defense are listed here. The specific requirements for badges like rim protector are still unknown, though there are various exploits available on YouTube to "help" you "earn" the badge quicker. That's a pretty cheap and lame way to achieve a task, but whatever floats your boat.

Pick Pocket — Poke the ball away from a ball handler at least 50 times

Hustle Rebounder — Amass total of around 400 rebounds

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the inside scoring badges

Acrobat — Complete 15 reverse layups and 4 charge-shot layups in a single season

Tear Dropper — Complete a total of 50 floaters in a single NBA 2K17 season

Relentless Finisher — Max strength out in your attributes and complete 75 contact layups

Post Spin Technician — Complete 100 post spins or drive moves out of the post

Drop Stepper — Complete 30 drop-step moves

Dream-Like Up and Under — While in the post, attempt 50 up-and-under moves

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the outside scoring badges

Corner Specialist — Connect on 25 corner 3's

Mid-Range Deadeye — Make 60 jumpshots

Limitless Range — This badge is awarded for being a good three-point shooter.

Pick and Popper — Successfully complete a pick-and-pop three-point shot as the shooter

Difficult Shots — Make a total of around 200 hop shots, step backs, dribble pull-ups and other high-difficulty shots

NBA 2K17: How to unlock the athletic badges

Lob City Finisher — Finish 15 alley-oops in a single season

Posterizer — Attempt 15 contact dunks in a single season

Brick Wall — Set 100 good screens as defined and graded within a MyCareer season

One Man Fast Break — Score 75 times on a fast break in a single season

How to get all the badges in NBA 2K17: This is still a work in progress

As we said earlier, this is an unfinished list and some of the badges are still a mystery.

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