Samantha Bee calls Kellyanne Conway a "spokes-cobra" in sarcastic, "feminist" tribute


The undeniable truth is that Kellyanne Conway is excellent at her job, having led Donald Trump's campaign all the way to one of the biggest presidential upsets in modern history. As Full Frontal host Samantha Bee notes on last night's episode, this has given Fox News the opportunity to shove their "feminist identity politics" at viewers, because Conway is also the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign. Conservatives, Bee adds, argue Conway would be celebrated on the left if she were running a liberal campaign. 

"Oh, my God, you guys, it’s so unfair," Bee says. "A woman pulls off the historic feat of electing a sexual predator who thinks women should be punished for having abortions, and feminists don’t celebrate her with a Vogue cover. Although she did get the cover of 'Pussy-Grabber Enabler Monthly,' so I guess that's something." 

But Bee decides Conway — Trump's "omnipresent spokes-cobra" — would be inducted into Full Frontal's "Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame." Conway deserves some recognition for what she achieved, and how exactly she did it. Citing the now-viral photo of Conway posing next to Trump dressed as Supergirl, Bee explained what Conway's "superpower" is: 

"Kellyanne's true superpower is deflecting questions like Supergirl deflects bullets," she says, before showing her deflect a question from ABC's George Stephanopoulos seven different times, about Trump's false claims on Twitter. 

Plus, she can put a spin on anything, as Bee shows Conway previously slamming Trump and his attacks on Ted Cruz prior to becoming his campaign manager. It's particularly ironic because she repeatedly claims Trump's actions against Cruz are unpresidential, but now that Trump is our next president, Conway says his actions are inherently presidential, because he was elected. "We haven’t seen a blonde do this much spinning and lying since Tonya Harding," Bee adds. 

Bee concludes with a fitting analogy to Game of Thrones, in which Conway assumes the role of Cersei Lannister (does that make Trump Joffrey? Definitely). Basically, with everything she did to get Trump elected, Bee argues she ought to be in charge. 

"Lean in, bitch, you're the one with superpowers," she says. "You changed history, and also possibly ended it. So Kellyanne, welcome to the hall of fame. If you want to pick up your award, it'll be behind our studio in the alley where women will be getting their abortions a year from now. Thanks for everything." 

Watch the segment below: