#RenameMillionWomenMarch proves exactly why we need the Women's March on Washington


Twitter trolls never seem to miss an opportunity to make the internet a lot worse for some people.

The hashtag #RenameMillionWomenMarch is targeting the Women's March on Washington, which is taking place on Saturday after President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration. Right-wing trolls and anti-feminist basement dwellers alike are calling for the march to rename its protest to something more appealing to opponents of women's rights — you know, because masculinity is so fragile.

Of course, the concept of women's empowerment — ahem, feminism — offends people. Earlier in January, New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait went to Twitter to express discontent with the march called "Women's March" because it seemed to exclude anyone that doesn't identify as a woman. 

One of the march's New York-based organizers, Bob Bland — among many others — repeatedly stated that the event is inclusive to everyone.

"We welcome our male allies," Bland told the Washington Post. "We want this to be as inclusive as possible while acknowledging that it’s OK to have a women-centered march."

It will include a massive community of women, men, gender-nonconforming people, LGBTQ folks, people of color and all different faiths. Organizers went to great effort to make the march as accessible as possible by planning bus trips and ride shares for every state and by coordinating potential lodging and hospitality in the Washington, D.C., area. Thus making this march potentially the most prominent and compelling national protest against Trump's administration. 

Now, the #RenameMillionWomanMarch hashtag — which didn't note that the march has already been renamed from the Million Women March to the Women's March on Washington — is a sexist and just overall ridiculous attempt to discredit an act of protest against an incoming administration filled with noted sexists, white nationalistsracistshomophobes and Islamophobes.

These tweets prove exactly why the protest is needed in the first place. See for yourself: