'Pokémon Go' Down: Server status confirmed by Niantic (Update: It's Back)


Is Pokémon Go down? If the app isn't working it's not just you. Niantic confirmed on Thursday that Pokémon Go isn't running, though it's unclear if the issue has to do with the game's servers or something else entirely.

Pokémon Go Down: What's happening?

It's unclear what's causing this issue, and Niantic hasn't revealed any information so far. Pokémon Go's servers often went down when the game first launched in 2016 as it struggled to deal with the massive number of users. Since then, the company has pretty much solved those issues. So it's unclear what could be behind this problem.

We won't know when Pokémon Go is back for sure until Niantic tweets again. In the meantime, you can try frantically refreshing this third-party website to see if the game comes back online.

Pokémon Go Server Status: It's back online!

Two hours after the initial tweet, Niantic announced that it has fixed the issue. The company didn't say what caused the problem beyond referencing an "issue with the servers," but Pokémon Go players can now go about their business once again.

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