Presidential Debate Winner: Obama and Romney Tie


On Tuesday evening the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will take place. Hosted by Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, this debate will cover both foreign and domestic policy. This debate will be different from the others in that it will be town hall style. Instead of questions coming from a moderator, questions will come from citizens in the crowd.

After the lackluster performance from Obama during the first debate, it will be vital for him to connect with the audience. Joe Biden succeeded in firing up the democratic base during the vice presidential debate, but now Obama will need to work on getting those independent and undecided votes. It will be important for Obama to come to his own defense when his position is attacked by Romney. He will also need to use more body language than in the last debate but not take it as far as Biden.  

Mitt Romney’s performance during the first debate was solid, with the majority of viewers naming him as the winner. While Paul Ryan was able to hold his ground during the vice presidential debate, the Romney Ryan ticket has come under fire for their inability to provide specifics when answering questions. Romney’s ability to connect with the audience during this debate will also be key. For most of his campaign he has been viewed as being unable to connect with voters and many also quite frankly just do not know who he is. The main thing Romney needs to do is prove that he can connect with everyday people and to be more personable.

Things to watch for when viewing: body language, connection with audience, and avoiding answering a direct question.

Here are the details for the Oct. 16 debate: 

Topic: Town meeting format including foreign and domestic policy

The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have 2 minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

Here is a live stream:

PolicyMic will be covering the presidential debate live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.


9:59pm CDT- After a much better preformance from both candidates this time around, it is safe to call this debate a draw. While Obama won in the personality department, both candidates continued to bat around the bush when it came to answering questions. Obama did a much better job of defending himself and also calling out Romney. While Romney called out Obama multiple times, he kept trying to go overtime or cut someone off. Neither of the candidates really connected well with the audience. It seemed like they spent the whole time trying to one up the other as opposed to focusing on the crowd.Candy Crowley did a good job, but could have been stricter in ensuring they stayed within the time limits. Overall this was a much better debate than the last presidential debate but not nearly as entertaining as the vice presidential debate.

9:39pm CDT- Debate is over! Who do you think won?

9:32pm CDT- What is the biggest misperception people have about you? Another great question

Romney: "I care about 100% of the American people" "My passion flows from the fact that I am a believer in God" "Went to the olympics to get it back on track" He still hasn't directly answered the question...he is using this as a campaign ad instead.

Obama: "I don't believe that the government just creates jobs" "Individual initiative, everyone work a fair share, build strong middle class" Brings up 47% comment

9:28pm CDT- Romney: China needs to be labeled as a currency manipulator

9:27pm CDT-

9:21pm CDT- Romney: Having a good two parent family will help solve gun issues

9:15pm CDT- Romney really needs to stop trying to trap Obama in his own words and focus more on the gaps in what he is saying.

9:14pm CDT- Obama "I'm the president. I'm always responsible for what happens." on if it was Secretary Clinton's fault. Still didn't address why extra security wasn't granted.

9:12pm CDT- Romney blames Obama for what happened in Benghazi. "Everything reflects on the president" Attacks him for flying out to political fundraiser right after events.

9:10pm CDT- "You don't turn national security into a publicity opportunity. That's not how a commander in chief acts"

9:07pm CDT- "Have you looked at your pensions? Mr. President have you looked at your pensions?" "No I haven't. There is no need...they aren't as long as yours"

8:58pm CDT- Romney"nation of immigrants" "we welcome legal immigrants into this country" "get green card stapled to diploma" "stop illegal immigration...not grant amnesty...employer will have pathway to become permanent residents, including military service"

8:54pm CDT- I don't think either one is connecting with the audience as well as they could be. It seems more like they are fighting and trying to one up the other than trying to win over the audience.

8:51pm CDT- "What have you done to earn my vote again" cut taxes, end vote in Iraq, go after Al Qaeda leadership, Bin Laden dead, healthcare, save auto industry

8:48pm CDT- I feel like he is walking around that question as he mainly talked about how technology has changed what he is able to do

8:45pm CDT- "How are you different from Bush" fantastic question

8:44pm CDT- I like how Romney flips out every time he gets cut off but then has a smug smile every time Obama gets cut off

8:39pm CDT- How will you address the gender pay gap?

Obama- wants to continue "enforcing rules"...was hoping for a bit more...obviously this is not working

Romney- strong economy so that employers are looking to find good employees.... So in a bad economy are employers looking for crappy employees? 

8:33pm CDT- Obama "We haven't heard any specifics from the governor except for big bird and eliminating planned parenthood as far as how he will pay for all of this" addressing the loop holes Romney wants to close

8:27pm CDT- Obama: Continue tax cuts for middle class families and small businesses, make sure "wealthy do a little bit more"

8:26pm CDT- Romney: "The top 5% will continue to pay the same amount of tax" tax cuts for middle class

8:24pm CDT- Obama "I'm used to being interrupted"....well obviously since Biden is the VP

8:21pm CDT-

8:18pm CDT- Obama is learning from his mistakes. His key phrase tonight might end up being "Not true"

8:16pm CDT- Neither of them are actually answering the question but maybe Mr. Oil, Mr. Gas, and Mr. Coal will answer it

8:13pm CDT- Is it the job of the Energy Department to lower gas prices?

8:11pm CDT- Romney's 5 Point Plan

8:03pm CDT- Question 1: How can you reassure me and my parents that I'll find a job after graduation?

Romney: ensure school is more affordable, make more jobs

Obama: build more manufacturing jobs, ensure everyone gets great education, control energy, reduce deficit

8:01pm CDT- Candy Crowley, the self described "optimistic sort" introduces Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Its go time

7:56pm CDT- Get your popcorn ready...4 minutes till showtime!

7:54pm CDT- Candy Crowley introduced...someone might want to work on that sound system ASAP

7:51pm CDT- Ann Romney and Michelle Obama introduced

7:39pm CDT- Candy Crowley will select which questions get asked

7:03pm CDT- List of people who may ask the questions has been released. Out of the 17 names on this list, 12-13 will end up actually getting to ask the candidates.

7:00pm CDT- One more hour!

6:20pm CDT- I really hope Obama is being careful as to who he gets debate advice from


6:03pm CDT- I am all for a little competition...but really?

and on that note, here is the order of the debate via Fox Nation:

1) Staging -Romney won the toss.  Romney will enter and remain stage right, camera left.  Obama will enter and remain stage left, camera right.

2) Order of candidate introductions - The Romney campaign lost the coin toss.  Obama will be introduced first.  Romney will be introduced second.  The campaigns will advise on exact wording of candidate introduction.

3) Order of questioning- Obama loses toss.  Romney will take the first question. Obama will take the second question.

4) Closing statements -There will be no closing statements at this debate.

5)  Spouses' order of introduction- Romney wins toss, Mrs. Romney will be introduced first.  Mrs. Obama will be introduced second.  The campaigns will advise on exact wording of introductions.

4:56pm CDT- Hopefully Obama will be more lively tonight than the last presidential debate

but maybe not this much

4:52pm CDT- How Romney should enter tonight:

4:33pm CDT- Typically during town hall style debates the moderator has limited involvement. Candy Crowley has stated that she will not be a fly on the wall moderator. How involved do you think Crowley should be tonight?

3:41pm CDT- Tonight's debate moderator, Candy Crowley, is the first female moderator in 20 years.

3:19pm CDT- Less than 5 hours left! Now is the time to make sure your computer or tv is in good working condition to watch the debate!