Trump Inauguration 2017: Trump's walking out to Rolling Stone's "Heart of Stone" is dumbfounding

Thursday evening, Donald Trump took the stage at his Make America Great Again! Celebration concert, following sets by 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith. As any good student of reality TV will tell you, the star of the night needs walk-out music. Trump, however, made an pretty awkward choice. 

It wasn't an epic victory chant, like Queen's "We Are the Champions," which he played at the Republican National Convention. Instead, Trump chose a swaggering ballad, the Rolling Stones' "Heart of Stone," a love song about a cruel lover who takes no pity on a woman's pain.

The lyrics, which tell the tale of a melancoly womanizer, had an eerie ring against all the marble of the Lincoln Memorial, as Mic reporter Claire Lampen pointed out on Twitter. When considered alongside Trump's history of alleged sexaul assault, they come off as extremely predatory.

"There's been so many girls that I've known," the first verse of the song reads. "I've made so many cry, and still I wonder why/ Here comes a little girl, I see her walking down the street/ She's all by herself, I try to knock her off her feet." 

That stalking imagry continues in the second verse: "Better listen little girl, if you going walking down the street/ I ain't got no love, I ain't the kind to meet."

It's a baffling choice for a man who had at least 12 different women accuse him of sexual assault over the course of the election, and has run on a platform women's advocacy groups have frequently critized as being openly hostile to women's rights.

Additionally, the Rolling Stones' have already told Trump to stop playing their music at his events. "The Rolling Stones do not endorse Donald Trump," the band wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "'You Can’t Always Get What You Want' was used without the band’s permission." However, the band has little to no inroads to stop him, given the way liscencing deals are generally set up. 

Considering his history, Donald Trump is unlikely to stop out of the goodness of his heart. He allegedly has difficulty understanding that no means no.

Mic has reached out to the Rolling Stones for comment and we will update if we hear back.