Pokémon Go Plus Not Connecting or Working: Niantic confirms server issues for Android


Is your Pokémon Go Plus not connecting to your phone? If Pokémon Go Plus isn't working it's not your fault. Niantic confirmed on Twitter Friday that an issue with the wearable device is stopping it from working with some Android devices.

Pokémon Go Plus Not Connecting or Working: More server status issues?

This latest Pokémon Go bug comes hot on the heels of a massive server failure that made the entire game unplayable for several hours on Thursday. Niantic eventually fixed the issue but didn't offer many details on what went wrong, so it's impossible to know if these two problems are connected.

It took Niantic about two hours to fix the issue on Thursday. Hopefully the company can come up with a fix for Pokémon Go Plus just as quickly. In the meantime, you can always go back to playing without the wearable.

Pokémon Go Plus Not Connecting or Working: Players are pissed.

Considering that this is the second big Pokémon Go issue in as many days, it's no surprise that players are responding to the latest news with a mix of frustration and anger. On Twitter, players mocked Niantic's recent track record while also clamoring for the bigger Gen 2 update that may be right around the corner.

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