'Good Morning America' referred to Hillary Clinton as Bill Clinton’s wife and nothing else


As attendees began streaming into the Friday inauguration ceremony of president-elect Donald Trump, the Twitter account for ABC News' Good Morning America dedicated a tweet to the arrival of two guests in particular: former President Bill Clinton and his "wife," Hillary Clinton.

"Wife" is an interesting title to use to refer to Hillary Clinton. It's not her most recent role, or the one we'll someday remember her most for.

Here are some alternate captions "Good Morning America" could have reasonably decided to run with instead:

• Winner of the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election by almost 3 million votes, Hillary Clinton arrives at the U.S. Capitol with Bill, a man who sometimes accompanies her

• Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives at the U.S. Capitol with her husband, Bill

• Hillary Clinton, New York senator during Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, arrives at the U.S. Capitol with husband

As we've seen time and again, the media is no stranger to referring to women as merely the accessories of their more supposedly accomplished husbands. But in the case of Clinton — a woman with a resume longer than the lines of onlookers stretched out along the National Mall to witness Friday's ceremony — it's an especially egregious oversight.

Correction: Jan. 20, 2017