13 of the best protest signs from Trump's inauguration

As Donald Trump was taking the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States, hundreds swarmed the streets of Washington, D.C., to protest his inauguration.

By the time Trump retired to the Capitol to sign his first bill into law, nearly 100 protesters had been arrested, and tensions with police continued to mount.

On a day so filled with violence and celebration, despair and optimism, it goes without saying that the signs protestors carried conveyed messages spanning a wide range of emotions. Below are some of the best protest signs photographers spotted in Washington and around the country. 


A woman holding a sign that says "Organize/Mobilize"Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"Fuck the Patriarchy!"

A protester in WashingtonJewel Samad/Getty Images

"40% Approval — SAD!"

A protester in WashingtonTasos Katopodis/Getty Images

"Our humanity is restored by love" / "Do not bend your mind to conform to lies"

Two people holding protest signs in Washington, D.C.Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"Imagine honesty"

Two signs at the inauguration protest on Jan. 20Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"No you can't!"

A protester in Los Angeles holds a sign riffing on President Barack Obama's key phrase. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"Real Americans Reject Trump"

A man holds a sign at the Jan. 20 inauguration protest in Washington, D.C.Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"The whole damn system: Guilty!"

"The whole damn system: Guilty!"Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"Deport yourself to Russia"

Protesters in Los Angeles Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


"Impeach" sign at the Jan. 20 inauguration protestQuincy Ledbetter/Mic

"Goldman sucks"

"Goldman sucks"Quincy Ledbetter/Mic

"Sworn in on a book he's never read"

A protester holds a sign at a protest in Nashville, Tennessee.Mark Humphrey/AP

"Black Lives Matter / No DAPL"

Black Lives Matter sign affixed to a drum at the Jan. 20 inauguration protestQuincy Ledbetter/Mic