7 images show what Trump's inauguration looked like to everyone roasting it on Twitter


Fortunately for everyone, the internet only knows how to process its collective anxiety in one way: through memes. 

As the Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony of President Donald Trump approached, the entire nation seemed to sit on tenterhooks; after the particularly divisive 2016 election, what would Trump's first day as commander-in-chief look like?

Below is a play-by-play of the Friday ceremony's highlights, as told through the viral #Content of the day.

Barack and Michelle Obama stood outside the White House to receive Donald and Melania Trump — and Michelle got a fun gift

Everyone was having a great time — except for Trump's youngest son, Barron

Kellyanne Conway made a festive sartorial choice

Actually, not everyone was having a great time

Bill Clinton was there, and he was ... on-brand

George W. Bush was also there, and the struggle was real

And Trump addressed the nation for the first time as its president. Tremendous.