The many Inauguration Day faces of Michelle Obama


Donald Trump was officially sworn in Friday as the leader of the free world — and newly former first lady Michelle Obama was there for much of the day's ceremonial handover of power.

While Obama was, as always, poised and composed in her behavior, her face seemed to be giving away her true feelings — at least that's what Twitter seemed to think.

There was Obama's Jim Halpert-style deadpan straight to the camera when first lady Melania Trump, who famously plagiarized Obama's speech for her Republican National Convention address in July summer, handed her a gift.

Then there was her epic side-eye during Trump's swearing-in ceremony, as she stood next to none other than former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

And her face said it all as Trump stepped away from the podium after delivering his inaugural address. 

Obama might not have been trying to tell us things through her facial expressions on Friday — but it sure seemed like it. And if she was, then well — we heard you loud and clear.