11 photos of the protests that took it to Donald Trump's tuxedo-filled inaugural balls

President Donald Trump and thousands of his tuxedo- and gown-clad supporters celebrated his inauguration inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Friday night. Just outside, though, protests continued to rage. A small contingent of 100 to 200 activists marched streets surrounding the convention center where, after a day of tense clashes with sometimes-violent demonstrators, an aggressive and disproportionate police presence tried to quell any trouble-making.

As the crowd marched around the convention center, they traded jibes with ball attendees — some of the richest, most politically connected people in the U.S. — and were closely pursued by a Metro Police Department motorcycle unit, which at times came dangerously close to protesters and media.

A demonstrator, who gave his first name as Will and identified himself as a Washington resident, said in an interview that the protesters' intentions were nonviolent, and they merely wanted to take a stand against the president's discriminatory statements about racial minorities, LGBTQ people, women and Jews.

"I'll just let y'all know that we out here for a purpose, man," Will said. "[Trump] said all this stuff in his campaign about this and thinks we're going to support him? It's not happening, man. It's not. We're out here peacefully protesting, man. Keep the love."

Some shots of the protest:

This man repeatedly yelled "Attica!," a reference to the 1971 massacre at New York state's Attica Correctional Facility, where 29 imprisoned people and 10 prison staff died. A protester shouted back, "You look like the Monopoly man!"Tom McKay/Mic
This gala attendee proposed a détente between Trump supporters and protesters.Tom McKay/Mic
An activist holds up her arms as police motorcycles revved toward protesters.Tom McKay/Mic
Protesters stage a sit-in on a street near Walter E. Washington Convention Center.Jack Smith IV/Mic
Protests continue down a nearby avenue. After a demonstrator attempted to pull anti-abortion signs off a truck, this man jumped out and a brief scuffle ensued in which his glasses were broken. Other activists de-escalated the scuffle. Tom McKay/Mic
Marxists carry the flag of the Spanish Workers' Party of Marxist Unification.Jack Smith IV/Mic
Protests continue down another street.Tom McKay/Mic
Officers from this bicycle unit also tracked the protest.Tom McKay/Mic
More shots of the demonstrators through the night.Tom McKay/Mic

Jack Smith IV contributed reporting to this article.