11 images of Friday's Inauguration Day protests that you didn't see on TV


As President Donald Trump was sworn-in on Friday, protestors took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to make their opposition to the new administration heard. 

Much of the media coverage of Friday's Inauguration Day protests focused on a group of anarchists, clad in black, who smashed windows and lit fires — but, as activists on the ground attest, there were hundreds of peaceful protesters across the city whose actions went unreported. Here's what you didn't see.

Protesters chanting on the National Mall

John Minchillo/AP

Indigenous activists and climate activists linking arms

Protesters sitting on the sidewalk together to block entrances to the inauguration

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Black Lives Matter activists chaining themselves to fences and forming human barriers at a security checkpoint

Demonstrators sitting at another inauguration checkpoint

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Protesters carrying signs and chanting as they move toward a checkpoint

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Demonstrators clad in pink, holding a "Yes We Can" sign

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Protesters moving peacefully along Pennsylvania Avenue 

Cliff Owen/AP

Feminists marching near another checkpoint

Jose Luis Magana/AP