Gloria Steinem references Drake in her Women's March on Washington address


Feminists draw their inspiration from a lot of places — Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde and even ... Drake? 

The superstar rapper got a subtle shout out when superstar feminist Gloria Steinem used lyrics from his diss track "Back to Back" to take a shot at the newly inaugurated president's Twitter account. Trump's social media presence became so infamously erratic that his team took away his Twitter privileges

Kevin Winter/gettyimages

"Trump and his handlers have found a fox for every chicken coop in Washington, and a Twitter finger must not become a trigger finger," she warned. 

Steinem drew a correlation between Trump's erratic behavior and his mental capability to handle his job as president. 

"Some very experienced doctors of the American Psychiatric Association have publicly written to warn us that 'his widely reported symptom of mental instability including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights and criticisms and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office," she said.

Trump's Twitter use has rubbed many people the wrong way. In a poll after the November election, 59% of Americans agreed with Hillary Clinton and thought Trump should delete his account