'Overwatch' Cosplay Weapons: Fan-made replica of Tracer's gun shoots real lasers


This guy just took Overwatch cosplay to a whole new level. His replica of one of Tracer's pulse pistols shoots actual lasers.

A YouTube video, uploaded by LaserGadgets, shows the gun has two settings: One that shoots a sustained beam, and another that rapidly pulses in small bursts to more accurately reflect how Tracer's guns actually fire.

The video shows him testing the gun on several objects. It's capable of burning holes in cotton T-shirts, cutting through plastic CD cases, lighting paper and wood on fire, and popping balloons.

"Still more damage than Sombra's SMG," Reddit user Stufful quipped.

Of course, this replica wouldn't ever really get used in cosplay — because it wouldn't ever be allowed into any conventions — but it's still pretty damn impressive.

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