'Hidden Fences' was nominated for best picture at the 2017 Oscars, according to this tweet


It's the movie everyone was buzzing about at the Golden Globes: Hidden Fences. And now, it's apparently nominated for the Oscars' highest honor — best picture. 

While live tweeting the Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning, BuzzFeed revived the gaffe, in which Jenna Hager Bush, at the Golden Globes, referred to Hidden Figures as "Hidden Fences," an amalgamation of two separate films about the American experience, Fences and Hidden Figures. 

BuzzFeed recognized the mistake within the hour and posted an apology.

In their apology, they invoked Hager's misstep, when she asked nominee Pharrell about his Hidden Fences score being nominated. Hager was not alone that night, however. While reading supporting actress nominees, actor Michael Keaton made the same mistake and called the movie Hidden Fences

After BuzzFeed's gaffe today, their mentions were a mess.