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Debate Time: 9:00 PM EST

Location: Hofsra University, Long Island, NY

Where to Watch: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CSPAN and RIGHT HERE, courtesy of PBS' online feed.

Tonight, President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will meet for the second of three Presidential debates.

As detailed in the memorandum of understanding between the two campaigns, tonight's debate will be in a "town hall format" with restrictions on follow-up questions from the audience (of undecided voters) and the moderator.

There won't be any restrictions on Twitter however. Alongside PBS' live stream (above) will be a "real time" streaming embed of  reaction and commentary from conservatives, liberals, think tanks and fact checking organizations from across the Twittersphere.


UPDATE: Due to Technical difficulties, the Twitter Livestream has been aborted. In lieu of Twitter, this post will feature links to interesting commentary and debate summaries in haiku format.

Starting at 5:00 PM hear reactions from voters responding to the Newshour's Listen to Me Project which polled voters from across the country.Later, tune in for the Newshour's evening broadcast and pre-debate coverage.

Finally, be sure to check back during the debates (9:00 PM) to get analysis from across the political spectrum- as it happens.


8:48 PM: Candy Crowley

Five Minutes to go /

 What am I holding? Questions/

   That's still allowed right?/

9:00 PM:  

Candy Crowley: 

Wearing Black tonight

Seemed like a good idea

Before I got here


9:04 PM- The Economy:

Mitt Romney: 

Jobs! I know this one! 

I've created them before

I'll do it again!



Let's keep the jobs here!

That other guy hates GM

Balance, common sense


9:10 PM:


I said bankruptcy

That's what he decided too

Totes my idea



Remember Bain, Mitt?

I'll make sure these people do

Bad business practice


Energy, from home

I'll bring it to this debate

And to your car too



Full of gas indeed

Foreign gas from overseas

Doesn't surprise me


I want to talk now

I must prove I'm assertive

Remember Lehrer?


 9:24 PM:


Black people are here

I could have sworn I saw one

Oh, he's on the stage

 9:30 PM:


Bring those rates right down

This will help small businesses

We can do better


Tax cuts cost money

 He knows nothing of fairness

He lacks specifics.

9:39 PM- Women's Equality in the Workplace:


Don't Lehrer me please

I have all of these questions

Let me ask them please


Equality Ha!

Do you remember Day One?

Google Ledbetter



A long time ago

I hired lots of women

We had jobs back then...


9:44 PM- Differences between you and G.W. Bush.


My energy plan

More trade in the hemisphere

I'll help small business


Ah President Bush

I'm still cleaning up his mess

Romney will outsource

9:51 PM Why should I vote for you again? Subtext: Undecided Black voter.


I make commitments

I keep those commitments too

You won't like Romney's


You know what you'll get

Four more years of the same stuff

And it will get worse


~9:55 PM Self deportation

My Mexican dad

Was a legal immigrant

Let's have more of that


Immigrants and laws

We should honor both of them

Reform the system


Self Deportation

Let's not talk about pensions

Your's is just as bad


Whatever happened to that 

My team is lined up

10:00PM? Question on Libyan Diplomatic attack:

The buck stops right here

R: Was it Terror?


I won't pass gun laws

I passed laws before

Education, folks!


Make us attractive

Where did the Time Go?

10:34 Question about keeping manufacturing in the US:

Romney:  Let's all play fair

Obama: How much time do we have left?

Obama: Smart investments here.

Sometime around 10:40 PM Biggest misperception?


I'm not a bad guy

Never mind that video

I know what to do


I will fight for you!

100% of you!

Not 47


They're done talking now

Let's start analyzing them

Until the next one



Let's score some runs now

We can't lose to the Tigers

People might see this!

Raul Ibanez:

Sorry about that

Alas. I am but one man

We'll win the next one.

Goodnight folks! More to come...

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